Westpoint Formwork is a family owned company that specialises in providing the construction sector with formwork, steel fixing and concreting solutions. We deal with projects in the residential, commercial, industrial and civil sectors and are a versatile and dedicated business. Our growth has been bolstered by an experienced staff who are proficient in all aspects of formwork and concrete construction for projects at any scale.

Our fundamental objectives can be best summarised as follows:

  • Erecting precise and accurate formwork that not only satisfies design intent, but meets the quality requirements needed to achieve a superior concrete finish.
  • Providing steel fixing and concreting services that meet aesthetic requirements, and comply with the relevant Australian Standards.
  • Exceeding client expectations through providing the best solution for their needs.
  • Allocating and committing resources to meet client deadlines and budget requirements.
  • Prioritising occupational health and safety for our own staff, other on-site personnel, and the general public.

In recent years, Westpoint Formwork has grown rapidly. We are acutely aware of how significantly modern building techniques can progress, and are constantly on the lookout for innovative products or formwork systems that can further improve our construction process. As a direct result we often save our clients both time and money, resulting in a level of customer satisfaction that is unsurpassed. Westpoint Formwork is also a proud member of the Formwork Industry Association.